• $375,000

Just SOLD 12470 Allison Ranch Road

The owner handed me the keys after not having been to the house in nearly two years since her husband had passed. Too many memories there for her to go back.

I accepted the keys, a house full or furniture to donate, a fridge full of food to clean out, a garage full of items to sell. Roofs were replaced, carpets replaced, house scrubbed and staged. This one was ALOT of work beyond a typical listing but I got it SOLD in less than a week!

Today I delivered to my seller a dollhouse that was left behind to her east bay home. She was delighted to see it. The only thing she cared about as her late husband had built it. Felt good to bring her some closure.

#attitudeofgratitude #missionaccomplished #lovemyjob #closure

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