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Congratulations to my seller, Marcia. I appreciate your trust in me to help you sell your family home. I am so excited to see what your next chapter holds for you! The staging made this home picture perfect and a great marketing campaign resulted in obtaining six offers on this listing. Even from 130 miles away, the transaction was seamless and favorable for my sweet client. Happy closing day!

Congratulations to my buyers, Brian and Ruth. Holding on through a wild escrow that took many twists and turns and paid off in the end (by $40,000)! Seeking and scouting the perfect setting to build the retirement home of their dreams. A perfect ending after six months of negotiating and finally closing today!

I thrive on being of service and treat all of my buyers and sellers with love and utmost care. Advocating for my clients, negotiating on their behalf and being sure that they have an absolute clear understanding every step of the way. A constant optimistic attitude of encouragement by your side. I could not ask for a more fulfilling career and life's work. Not a day goes by without feeling absolute gratitude.

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