Emily Menesini was successful in assisting us in buying our retirement home in Nevada City. We love the Nevada City/Grass Valley area and knew that's where we wanted to retire but had very little k nowledge of the real estate market. Emily was extremely helpful and knowledgeable in all areas of real estate.


She showed us many properties and made many suggestions that aided in making our final decision on a property. Her negotiations and professional manner helped us get the best property at the best price and we are sure we will be happy in our retirement years.


Emily made us feel as if we were her most important clients at all times. 


Harvey and Lea

After selling our bay area house in March, we met Emily Menesini to find our new home in the Gold Country. Never in our wildest dreams, could we have imagined the next 4 month ordeal that transpired and through it all Emily was our rock.  In our initial meeting, Emily had found us the home of our dreams!!! We thought everything was set in stone until we found a Permit issue notice on the front gate. This is where Emily stepped in and began the process of personally finding out the truth for us as we sat in our home a hundred miles away.  She diligently found out that the guest house was on the neighbor’s property, the renovations were all done without permits and numerous other issues existed. 


Emily, though calm and pleasant in her professional manner with us, she became our pit bull advocate in dealing with all of these issues !!!  She spent countless hours sorting this out with the county’s permit individual in an attempting to salvage the purchase but after it was all said and done, she recommended that we back out of the deal and Not buy our dream house ..  We soon found out later, that it was in fact a nightmare awaiting us, if we had have moved forward !!  She saved us, Thanks Emily !!!


After that process, she diligently sent us new listings and we would go up every weekend to Grass Valley, Nevada City, Browns Valley, Foresthill and all the areas in between, and she patiently showed us house after house…   We really appreciated her expertise, knowledge and her enthusiasm!! She was always one step ahead of us,  in taking care of the details, and I felt like I didn't have to worry about the what if's or did I miss something.  She really had our interest in mind and took care of us.  She knew exactly what we were looking for and would even preview houses for us to determine if we would make the 2 hour journey up the hill...  


We found our dream house and would like to personally thank Emily for her professionalism, patience, fortitude and, through it all, truly making us feel like family !!!  We highly recommend Emily to everyone that needs her for their next real estate transaction, you will see what we are talking about when you work with her!!


Doug and Michelle



I would highly recommend Emily if you are considering buying or selling your home or property. Emily puts you and your families priorities first and foremost, above all she listened  to what our ideas for our future are and gave us the tools to sell our home so we are able to start the process of moving forward.  Emily made navigating the sell of our home easier than I ever imagined possible, all the fear of not knowing what to expect was eased with her gentle guidance. Her passion of helping your family reach a higher potential, leading you to a path of finding your forever home is invigorating. She carries herself with strength, confidence  and professionalism. Her spunk and tenacity  and fun  loving nature is contagious.  She is always available and ready to tackle the next hurdle with you to  ensure you get the best value for your home no matter what the circumstances may be behind the reason you are selling.  She has the grace to handle difficult situations in a calm professional manner, which in turn calms your stresses during the process. I went through several moments questioning whether or not we where making the right decisions along the unknown road I had never walked down before answering questions quickly, Emily was right there beside us the whole time, answering questions and guiding us on what comes next, what to expect she made sure we were okay.  I could never imagine working with anyone other than her for the purchase or sell  of a home. 





Jen & Dan 


A Few More Happy Clients (But NEVER enough)...